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If you're the type of phone photographer who uses manual settings, you can work to ensure that the nighttime street shots aren't as bright by adjusting the exposure manually, though we expect that the vast majority of smartphone photographers to rely on automatic exposure. Both camera apps let you adjust exposure without having to delve into manual settings. Tap to focus on the iPhone and there's an exposure slider to the right of the focus box. Do the same on the Note and it's at the bottom of your frame. You'll want to learn to use them to dial in brightness to get the most out of your smartphone camera.

You can turn a boring, brightly lit shot into something moody and shadowy by lowering exposure, and get better shots of subjects that are in shadow with a strong backlight by using the slider to brighten your image. The iPhone and Galaxy both focus extremely quickly, and the main lens is stabilized on both models. The secondary lens of Note is stabilized, but the iPhone 8 Plus's 2x optic is not.

If you think you'll be using it a lot, especially for video, and are an iOS user, consider spending more and getting the iPhone X, which has dual stabilized rear lenses. Both the iPhone and Samsung flagship models record video at 4K quality. But the iPhone lets you select the frame rate—24, 30, and 60fps capture options are available. The iPhone can do that too.

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To change video settings with the Note 8 you'll use the camera app, which make sense. To change resolution or frame rate with the iPhone, you must dive into your main Settings app and find the camera page. It's confusing and doesn't let you vary the look of your video with the ease that I'd prefer. That makes the iPhone a bit more versatile for folks who like the different looks that varying the video frame rate can do.

You can shoot at 24fps for a cinematic look, at 30fps to match traditional video, and 60fps for that ultra-smooth fast-action look. And because it does all three at 4K, you have liberal room to crop down to p to get a tighter field of view while maintaining stabilization. The iPhone also supports p slow-motion footage, captured at fps or fps for one-quarter or one-fifth playback speed, something that the Note 8 and Galaxy S8 don't do.

The iPhone 8's wide-angle camera has the best stabilization of the bunch. Video is effectively smoothed, so there's no jitter, and it looks quite natural—all at 4K. The Note 8 has dual stabilized lenses, and while they aren't jumpy and jittery, you can see the frame shake as you take steps while walking, an effect absent in the 8 Plus' wide camera. The 8 Plus is definitely using some digital stabilization to steady its 2x lens footage so it's not jittery, but it's not as smooth as any of the optical options, and you can see some unnatural motion that's a result of the digital stabilization.

The iPhone X's secondary lens does boast optical stabilization, and it looks to be as effective as the main camera. If you're big into video and want stabilized footage from both lenses, the X is the phone to get. In addition to standard video capture, the iPhone will auto-edit videos on demand, highlighting photos and moments from a certain time period. I tried it out. It made some weird choices. It mixed up a few portraits of staff members with lots of images from our camera test scene, and omitted everything I shot in the botanical gardens. I guess it likes people and test charts more than flowers.

If you use your phone to take more typical photos, it'll hopefully do a better job. The iPhone also shoots what Apple calls Live Photos. They're a mix of a second or so of video leading up to your shot, followed by the image itself. It's a neat concept—Nikon did a similar thing with its failed series of Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras.

But if you don't see yourself sharing these types of clips you might want to turn the feature off, as it takes up more space than a standard photo. If you're shopping for an iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8, you can disregard this section. We're going to talk about what the dual lenses in the 8 Plus, X, and Note 8 bring to the table. In addition to a tighter field of view when shooting photos, they both use depth information delivered by the cameras to map scenes and simulate the out-of-focus blur, also known as bokeh, associated with wide aperture lenses and big image sensors.

They do it a bit differently.

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Apple doesn't let you adjust the amount of background blur, while Samsung does, but iPhone 8 Plus owners have specialized lighting effects that can be applied to images, whereas you don't get that with the Note 8. If you buy an iPhone X you'll be able to do all the bokeh and lighting tricks that you can with the 8 Plus's rear camera, but with the front camera as well.

On the iPhone it's called Portrait Mode, although it works when holding the phone in landscape orientation and you certainly aren't limited to photographing people. Samsung calls its version Live Focus. Both require you to be a few feet away from your subject to work, and both allow for adjustments to the image and effect after capture—think of it as a Lytro camera, but with much better image quality.

The results are above. You'll notice that the shots aren't labeled. See if you can tell the difference between the phones and pro SLR. Running from left to right, we have the Note 8, the Canon, and finally the iPhone. The wood railing behind our subject isn't quite as blurred in the Galaxy shot, but the building in the background is blurred with aplomb. The field of view is slightly different with the Note 8, despite all three shots being captured from the same position with a similar pose. That's because the Note's main camera is a little bit wider than the iPhone's. The iPhone didn't do a good job with Chandra's hair.

The top of her head is slightly cut off, and there's a more noticeable cutout at the camera left side of her head. A close look at the images below tells the tale. The iPhone's algorithm is getting thrown off by some individual hairs at the top of the head, as well as bit of the building behind Chandra that isn't fully illuminated by the setting sun. The image on the far left is the non-portrait iPhone shot you can toggle the effect after an image has been captured , with the iPhone's Natural Light portrait shot in the middle, and, for comparison, the Note 8's take on the portrait on the right.

That's not to say that Samsung's algorithm is perfect; it can definitely get tricked up. But at press time, it appears to have a bit of an edge when it comes to mapping humans. I also took both phones to brunch, followed by a trip to the New York Botanical Gardens, to see how their bokeh modes handled two popular Instagram subjects—food and flowers. When it comes to eggs benedict, both phones do an admirable, Instagram-worthy job. The iPhone underexposes a bit in shady lighting, but that's something you can easily fix after the fact, it's not significantly dim.

It handles this background well, with soft, feathered blur, and I don't see any problems with the mapping of the subject itself. The Note 8 doesn't deliver as much blur, even at its most extreme setting, but out-of-focus highlights are pretty good, they just don't have the same feathered look as you get with the iPhone. At the gardens I nabbed shots with both phones that would fool veteran photographers at Instagram sizes. Both did an excellent job mapping a lotus that was part of an outdoor water garden exhibit. But when it came to shooting a bird-of-paradise, the iPhone managed to get the proper amount of background blur, while the Note 8 shows a bit too much in focus behind the flower, even with the blur set to its maximum level.

I'm thinking the wider wide-angle lens is in play here.

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For this particular image, shot indoors under skylights, Samsung's colors are warmer and more pleasing to the eye, but again, it's easy to warm a photo to taste, either using the iOS Photos app or the editing software of your choosing. Both phones failed big time when it came to capturing a swirling fiddlehead fern plant. The Note 8 struggled to map it and I only managed a couple of blurry shots that were the camera's attempt at blurring the background the wide-angle shots, which the Note 8 also saves, are sharply focused.

The iPhone picked up on certain parts of the plant, but did a poor job of deciding what should be in focus and what is blurred. Right now, both phones have plusses and minuses when it comes to bokeh simulation. The iPhone 8 Plus sometimes struggles mapping hair when photographing people, while the Note 8 steps up and does a solid job.

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See if you can tell the difference between the phones and pro SLR. I believe that power free spy software for samsung galaxy note 7 based on voltage monitor circuits are significantly reduced in complexity due to the high integration of several power controller characteristics in a small 3 pin device that looks like an ordinary to transistor. Cell phone spyware for android, iphone, blackberry. Requires account with txtlocal. Integrated referral system of 10, best spy app for samsung galaxy note 5 employees that drive recruiting attention.

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